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So I've been researching about JUMP magazine and decided to watch every anime or read every manga related to it.... 

Here comes NISEKOI in my life. I knew it was aimed for guys hence the super adorable girls and the harem. However I watch the anime and right now I'm so freaking confused! It's so beta but the fact that it keeps leading me on both ways keeps me watching and watching.


TBH I've been rooting for Onodera all this time but there's just a couple of episodes here and there that's giving me the feeling that "OMG I CAN NEVER FORGIVE THIS ANIME IF THEY DON'T END UP TOGETHER!" for both heroines. Also, Chitoge is the main character so it would make sense if they end up together. But still I feel like all that wasted time and love for the other characters augh my mind is blown.

Ugh! Is there anyone here who reads the manga? Can somebody let my soul rest and tell me who he ends up with in the end? Actually, is this series still on going!? @[]@ Gawd. Let's just appease my soul and say that the extras end up together, namely the two extras with glasses hahah!

Anyway, for my next JUMP series to read / watch, what do you recommend??


Witch Painter Herbologist
I'm a second year student in Japan. Gonna enter manga school next year.

I'm a first year student in Japan studying Manga.
Still hoping to find that Nakama Rival I've always been dreaming of.
Someday I hope to change the world like Gintama.

Now, I'm a second year manga artist in training. I still haven't found my Rival but I sure found great friends. My world is changing every day.



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