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A friend who hasn't contacted you in 1-3 years suddenly asks a favor. You... 

58 deviants said Sure why not! I keep them on my list too if I need something. Mutual usefulness = friendship.
45 deviants said Ignore.
31 deviants said Text back: Who the f*ck are you again?
29 deviants said Yeah no big deal. I'll do it and won't mind if they stay silent for the next couple of years again.
19 deviants said Quiz them about a random fact about you. If they answer correctly then yes!
18 deviants said Does the favor, plus more! Now you're friends again let's not waste anytime catching up.
12 deviants said It's probably an impostor! Your original friend's dead and this new guys taken over his life! You must now get revenge!
8 deviants said Ask for money.
5 deviants said "Friend, are you still single?" -wink wink-
4 deviants said You f*cking user! Go die! I'll never do anything for you!

The Starving Artist

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 14, 2014, 3:37 AM
What is this "Starving Artist" thing all about really? Is it because people who want to be artists have a hard time finding jobs? Not really. To be honest, it's really easy to find work as a designer. The question is, are you happy with what you are made to design or draw? The only reason why most artists can't find jobs is because there aren't any jobs they want to take. They want a job that suits them just like any other person and being an 'artist' you tend to want to have a lot of freedom with your work. Needless to say, once you get a job, since it becomes a JOB, you lose a lot of artistic freedom. Specially if your ideas aren't want the marketers need. How about the "starving" part, is it because we can't earn a lot of money to buy food, or is it because we need to buy a lot of supplies or we basically just get into our art so much that we forgot to eat? lol. This is just useless banter but what do you guys think the "Starving Artist" phrase mean? The starving artist only starves because they chose to make art their career. You can still be an artist but earn your living a different way. Some of my friends said that if they gotta have a JOB they at least want something they can enjoy. And that's great! I'm all for that! But I also think that once your hobbies turn into your career, then you have to find something else to replace your hobby because now you have to take this seriously as a career. I know one person who writes so beautifully even about the smallest things. She still hasn't decided on her career despite closing in on her 30s. So I suggested why doesn't she become a writer professionally? She said it simply takes the fun out of writing. I mean, we all started that way right? We all enjoyed drawing, designing, writing, etc. That's why we thought "Hey! If I could do this for a living then why not?" Here's why not... I'm not stopping you if you're really determined to pursue an art career but some things that you might want to consider. Financial facts aside, in reality, when you chose to create something, you usually start by studying the things behind it. For example, you want to be an animator because you love Disney movies and are absolutely in love with the magic. You also want to create the same magic and share that wonderful experience with the rest of the world. But one thing you might not have expected, is losing the fascination with something you try to understand and dissect so much that you forget how to enjoy it. Next time you see an animated film, your brain starts making equations and plans and how to make the same effects. When I studied animation for a bit, I started nit picking the deformations, the less smooth transitions. Instead of seeing a new magical wonderful world, I started seeing and analyzing the technical things about that movie. Sometimes, as much as you think you'd like to create and produce wonderful worlds, maybe you'll be happier as an audience. Living the exciting adventures rather than stressing over the production and deadlines. Some times you just got to have a normal career, hate it or love it, but you gotta have a separate hobby or interest. Congratulations to the people who say my hobby is my work so there's no really need for any rest or break from it because it's what I do naturally. But seriously, hobbies and art are privileges we can enjoy, and there are times when you turn it into a career it becomes an obligation. You just lose the fun, the magic, the romance, the thrill, what made you fall in love with it the first place. Just like a relationship where your partner becomes a burden rather than a blessing to be with. You gotta learn to pick your fights. Is this a good fight you're enjoying and willing to give up a lot of things for? Or is that what the world and other people made you think because they praised you for going for a career that happens to be your hobby? It's really impressive and inspiring when dreamers turn into fighters for what they love. But some times a job you hate or thought would hate will be much more rewarding. Not just financially or for bragging rights, but rather it's the same feeling as grueling over math homework that you just want to give up on. But in the end you saw through it and it's much more rewarding than something you already knew you could do well. The only way we get to appreciate the good things like rest and hobbies more is because there's that time where we are suffering, grueling, and working hard in what ever job to compare it to. I'm just saying, enjoy your hobbies as a hobby. They would be more exciting to do. I'm only saying this because I'm precisely one of the people who's pursuing a career in art, my hobby. I've been getting slumps and blocks the more I should work harder. I just think of the days where I picked up a pencil not because I had to, but because I wanted to. I scribbled what I wanted when I wanted. Now I've learned that there are certain rules to writing comics, it's become more of an equation rather than just raw feeling. Some geniuses can pull that off with out much thought I'm sure. But trying to write with deadlines, no inspiration, unwelcomed ideas, unsell-able preferrences, can suffocate an artist. The more you try to force it out the more your mind goes blank. So yeah, it's because I LOVE art, that I'm starting to consider finding another way to make money. That way I can write more freely, see the world, and put better stories into paper rather than something I had to produce because the editor told me to. I want to write a story from the heart and that won't flow unless I let it go. After I graduate, I think I'm not going to pressure myself to get serialized at once. Because there's a story I want to write that requires a lot of time and freedom. That way I can honestly write a good book. One that just doesn't come out every week in the magazine chasing deadlines with unoriginal plot lines with new characters and settings. The story I'm hoping for is one I can be proud to leave behind when I'm gone. Hobbies and money making jobs are two different things for a reason. One makes you fight to live and one makes you live to fight for.

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Witch Painter Herbologist
I'm a second year student in Japan. Gonna enter manga school next year.
I'm a first year student in Japan studying Manga.
Still hoping to find that Nakama Rival I've always been dreaming of.
Someday I hope to change the world like Gintama.




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