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It's crazy.

So some of you might have read my last few journals.
It talked about my life here for two years and how I will soon fly back home because of the emotional toil etc etc.

But now just when I'm about to leave, Ive been packing my things and finishing up my graduation project, suddenly I don't feel like going home anymore.


Just because I know that I can forget all of this and come home, suddenly I feel like I want to continue the journey. I just feel like letting go of the opportunity is such a waste. I'm already here and the best time to land a job is right after graduation while I still have my "looking for a job" extension visa.

At the same time I say to myself, Ugh just remember all those times you wanted to stab somebody! Do you really want to stay in a place like this? I only feel suffocated and stressed when I don't see the end. But now that I already have the tickets home I start doubting my decision.

So anyway, for now I really need to clear my head. Winter break for me will be my saving grace and hopefully it will help me make up my mind once and for all.

For the mean time I'm very happy to share with you guys that I landed a job.

IKR, what am I doing?

I'll be working as a manga assistant and the good thing is I can do this stuff over seas since they're doing their project digitally. Thank you world wide web.

So yeah FOR NOW by the looks of it I'll be leaving Japan but I'll still be working for Japan. O3O
Oh gawd what's gonna happen now hahah

I'm moving to Honolulu.


Witch Painter Herbologist
I'm a second year student in Japan. Gonna enter manga school next year.

I'm a first year student in Japan studying Manga.
Still hoping to find that Nakama Rival I've always been dreaming of.
Someday I hope to change the world like Gintama.

Now, I'm a second year manga artist in training. I still haven't found my Rival but I sure found great friends. My world is changing every day.



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