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July 7, 2012


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Let's talk about Kuroko no Basuke! <3 y/y?

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 7, 2012, 10:48 AM

Hey guys >w< Who else here is insanely addicted to Kuroko no Basuke!?
-waves both arms up franticalllyyyyy-

Gotta share my thoughts because I can't stop thinking about it!

TBH, YES I'm there for the hot hot bishounens!

I first got to know Kuroko no Basuke by coincedence I turned on the TV around 10 and they keep showing commercials about the first airing of episode one. It looked pretty interesting so I waited until 11pm for the first episode and even though I couldn't understand all of what they were saying I got hooked! It was destiny! After that I started doing my own research and started reading the manga too. I even bought manga in the local stores and had fun time with my dictionary practicing my kanji ah~
I watched the next episode bec of this pic <3

:bulletblue:MANGA v.s. ANIME
I gotta say the anime is what got me into it in the first place. Episode 1, I was expecting it to be another one of those "I'm gonna be the very best no one ever was" kind of sport games but then when I find out WHUT!? THat guy specialized on PASSES!? LOL. A support man for a main character was pretty interesting. And I love his hair color ahehehe.... But I noticed lately the anime's quality is getting worse and worse -_- Lots of face deforms and the animation isn't as smooth anymore. I guess that the same thing that happened to Ao No Exorcist. Episode 1 had incredible animation then it deteriorates from there, and the finale is where they all call back their good animators.

Over all, I love the manga more! Because dear SENSEI has improved a lot over the years.
Just look at the covers! You can easily tell how far he/she has come. The face isn't weird anymore, the coloring is nicer and the anatomy is sooooo much better sexier
first book: Photobucket
later books: PhotobucketPhotobucket

In the anime, they made Kagami funnier. hi, THIS IS JAPANESE LUNCH TIME RUSH!
But the manga plot flow feels better. I can see that in the anime they're starting to cram some important scenes. I hope they don't cut out too many T^T

They also made Momoi much sexier and 'kawaii' in the anime, she looks like a whole 'nother girl haha... oTL
Manga:Photobucket Anime:Photobucket

Fujimaki Tadatoshi - Sensei, I love your hot guys collection so much! I can totally read FUJOSHI in your name.

:bulletblue: Merchandise and other Goods
There hasn't been much merchandise yet. At first they started with the generic chibi file folders which sold in ANIMATE. Then they had these little metals straps. But none of those really interested me until the GASHAPON capsule toys came out!
:thumb298842512: It was also by coincidence that I went to Shibuya that day bec I just felt like it, and it was the first day they were released! DIBSSSS I think I spent 4000 yen on these on the first day. After a week or so, they finally sold these in Ikebukuro too (where I live) and it sold out after 2 days! Can you believe it!? I think they weren't ready for the popularity and underestimated the NEED of the fans lol. Now that this is out of production, I think 1 of them sells for a good $20. The set around $60 maybe. I really want the second set to come out--- I NEED MY TEPPEI and AOMINE! They better be there. The latest merchandise is a FANBOOK. I'm not into fanbooks, they usually only have a few pages of really goods ones... TnT I want the OFFICIAL ART BOOK. Oh, they also have a novel btw. About the time of the "generation of miracles" while they were still in Teikou Middle School. 2 books I think.

:bulletblue:THE FANDOM

I can see that the fans are rapidly increasing in DA. At a frightening rate! Scary because, TBH fans can ruin the real thing. Of course, we all want to spread the word, but it easily gets worn out if it's over used. Hm, I don't really know but I'm thinking that that is what happened to Naruto. Asides from the bad fillers and movies. You know, cause, not everyone can agree on one thing. Even just the pairings, it's hard to find a hand full of people who agree. Some like Kise x Kuroko, some like Kagami x Kuroko, and who am I to judge if anyone is into Basketball x Kuroko. SO what I'm saying is, it's not just whether you're into yaoi, het or OC pairings. It's really hard NOT to get carried away and other's preferences clash a lot. Example, if someone was really in love with Kise and starts making OC pairings, but then someone else is into Aomine x Kise, they might find the other quite self indulgent and ruin each other's fun. Just saying, people can make fan art all they want but please don't start being too obsessed and hate on everyone who doesn't see your point TAT;; Scary scary fans...

Personally I like:
Kagami x Kuroko
Kise x Kasamatsu
Aomine x Kise
Midorima x Takao
Teppei x Hyuuga x Izuki
Murasakibara x Himuro

:bulletblue: WHERE IS THIS GOING?
Are you updated with the manga? Lately I don't like how they have to shout out their skills name's before doing it LOL. It's a shounen jump trait but ._. C'mon... It's basketball hahah~ YES HIMURO IM TALKING ABOUT YOU. I love you to bits but you don't have to announce that you're doing a Mirage Shot every time. XD;; There was this thread that was talking about just how REALISTIC can this manga be. It's true MISDIRECTION can be done in real life but who far can the story go with out the MANGA-esque moves right? Some people say that they don't like Kuroko no Basuke at all because it's for kids. If they're gonna watch basketball anime they'd stick to Slam Dunk.

:bulletblue: CHARACTER SONGS
Have you heard it!??!?!?! I never knew Kagami could sing like that it was orgasmic so good!!! Ranking?

Kagami #1!! I like his MICHI NO TOCHUU

Takao #2!! F.O.V. and Ace-sama ni Banzai are BOTH SO GOOD! He's a rock star. I was wondering why a secondary character has his own character CD, then I heard his voice. OOOHHH!!!

Kuroko #3 I like both of his songs =w= it's cute.

Midorima ; Same seiyuu as Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji, HAWT VOICE!
Kise ; I'm so sorry Kise, you should stick to being a model.

So yup, I think I ranted quite a lot now. Please share your thoughts as well xD

I forgot to bring my pen tablet so I can't dish out new art -^- Gotta release all this Kuroko No FRUSTRATION somewhere!

:bulletblue: Who is your favorite character and why?

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kinomotochan Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2012
I love the anime , itīs pretty good , but then i started to the read manga , and i fell in love , so much better , the anime ended , in the best freaking part , WTH??? , i keep reading the kurobasu manga right now , my favorite characters are Kurokochii ( iīm a Kuroko girl yei!) because he never gives up , he loves basketball more that anything, and even if heīs not the most fantastic player , he always tries to improve himself, Kagami , i love him , heīs so funny , and awesome ( and so hot , i canīt lie xD) , and such a badass player , i love him *w* , and last , but not least Midorima , omg i love him , such an awesome player , so arrogant , and tsundere , i just can stop watching it , and he has glasses ( omg i love guys with glasses XD) , all these 3 point shots, so awesome , so tsundere , so freaking hot , ok i really love Kurobasu seriously , but i think people should be more respectful with the others, and the things that they like, and definitely yes , some fangirls are pretty creepy O_O
Hei-Chan Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2012
Yeah ikr! it's full of bishounen and awesomeness!
just that im worried for its future since rabid fans CAN ruin a good fandom.
cant wait for the next season! i hope they show it in winter since its the winter cup time hahah~
kinomotochan Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
I hope they donīt , i really like Kurobasu fandom , and iīm so excited for season 2 >3< , more Kurokochii , Seirin and everyone *Ž* hahaha XD
MegaMan1421 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012
I'm gonna check out the manga since you seem to love it and your art based on it looks sweet :D I'll let you know what I think, I also love basketball and never checked out any anime/manga that is basketball related, so I'm excited.

I didn't know you lived in Ikebukuro ._. I just think of Durarara haha.
Hei-Chan Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012
I'm Izaya's neighbor xD
MegaMan1421 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2012
Lol be careful ._.
MintyLeafeon Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hei-Chan Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012
*A* KYAAH IKR! It's been awhile since I've been into a series this bad !
MintyLeafeon Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
God i just finished catching up and i was like "GAH KUROKO HOW DO YOU GET THIS ADORABLE AND AWESOME." but yeah KagamiXKuroko all the way and I'm kind of wondering about KagamixAomine XD cause that's be interesting... BUT JEEBUS THIS SHOW.
Hei-Chan Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012
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